Parts You Didn’t Know Digi-Key Carried

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or stocking stuffers, or just need some miscellaneous items and aren’t wanting to run to the local big box store, Digi-Key might have you covered. Before I started as an Applications Engineering Technician, I had no clue the depth of the product we carry. Until you start really exploring some of the categories on our website you’ll miss 90% of what we have. So, to help out, I put together a list of categories and some individual parts that will hopefully be just what you need!

Most of you know we carry batteries. All types in all shapes and sizes (almost). Here’s a link to the more common, non-rechargeable Alkaline battery types. We also carry many sizes of lithium coin cells. Don’t forget the batteries this holiday season!

Need tape to help wrap presents? We carry a little of everything, from electrical tape, duct tape, painter’s tape, masking, and even Scotch® brand tape for a variety of uses.

Below is a list of categories we carry that you may not have known about, along with a few individual parts.

Command Hooks

USB Cables - micro, mini, C

USB Cables - lightning

Phone Charging Blocks/Wall Warts **Note: We carry these for other continents as well if you are traveling internationally.

Power Strips/Surge Protectors - One cool product I stumbled upon is this extension (TL1731-ND) that includes USB ports and a holder for your device while it is charging. Of course, we carry many types so you’ll have to click the category link to see them all.

Extension Cords

Memory Card (SD) Readers

TV Wall Mounts - Did you know we carried these? Me either!

Ear Plugs, Safety Glasses, Other PPE Products


Zip Ties

Screwdriver Sets

Assorted Tool Kits

Phone/Tablet Repair Kits

Pocket Knives

Hemostats - Otherwise used for removing hooks from a toothy Northern Pike in Minnesota. Seriously, you need one of these in your tackle box.

Another item that is super handy if you’re ice fishing before the sun is up are neck lights that shine at the perfect angle to illuminate your bobber. Digi-Key carries a TON of portable lighting options. From headlights to lanterns and everything in between.

Robotic Kits- Likely you knew we had these, but maybe didn’t know the types we have. These can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We carry a wide range of products, some that are better for beginners (elementary all the way to 100+ years old – you’re NEVER too old to learn) and some that are a little more advanced.

Some products that are easy to get started with, but also fun for all skill levels include:

Airblock Drone - This is easy to snap together and run right out of the box. Just download an app and you’re ready to go. It has room for expansion if you’re wanting to write your own program too!

MBot Ranger - From the same company as the Airblock, this is easy to get up and running right out of the box. This one has a little more room for expansion as it can be modified into three different robots with everything that comes in the box. Again, it comes pre-loaded with sample code but you have the ability to write your own if you’re so inclined.

This next kit will require a little more skill as there is a LOT of soldering to be done. How cool would this clock look sitting on your mantel?

Looking for a kit that is more explorative, but beginner friendly? Take a look at these starter kits.

Digi-Key carries a wide variety of products that would fit into your holiday gift list or just helpful, everyday products. Next time you need any of these items, check here first so you can add it to your order and skip that trip to the store. Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance finding something, call our Applications Engineering team. They are available 24/7 - 365.


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