Image of CUI's AMT Modular Commutation Encoders


Image of Laird's BL654 PA Series Bluetooth v5 Modules
BL654PA Series Bluetooth® v5 Modules

Laird Wireless' BL654PA series Bluetooth® v5 modules with power amplifier provide users with maximum development flexibility with programming options.

Image of Phoenix Contact's QUINT 4 DC/DC Converters
QUINT 4 DC/DC Converters

Phoenix Contact’s QUINT 4 DC/DC converters with robust output, adjustable preventive monitoring, and the choice of push-in or screw connection technology.

THine® V-by-One®HS Transmitter and Receiver Family - CEL


Image of Mikroelektronika's Flip and Click Boards
Flip and Click Boards

MikroElektronika’s Flip and Click is Arduino’s close cousin. This board shares a lot of Arduino’s DNA but it has a tendency to flip.

Image of Omron’s B5W-LB Light Convergent Reflective Sensor
B5W-LB Light Convergent Reflective Sensor

Omron’s B5W-LB series light convergent reflective type sensors offer reduced color and material susceptibility.

Image of APEM's Q10/14/16/19/22 Series RGBs
Q10/14/16/19/22 Series RGBs

APEM's RGB indicators allow the user to create a large variety of unique colors and tones.

Image of ERP Power's PHB Series LED Drivers
PHBシリーズ LEDドライバ

ERP PowerのPHBシリーズは、トライアック/ELV調光性能が強化されたプログラム可能な定電流LEDドライバです。


TDK’s Haptics deliver vibration through the sense of touch in their actuators along with saving power & fast response time when compared to conventional solutions.

Image of Klein Tools' Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries (Power Banks)

The Klein Tools KTB1 and KTB2 are high capacity lithium-ion powered portable batteries designed to charge mobile devices.

B590 Versatile Ultrasonic Disks - TDK Corporation

TDK CorporationのセラミックベースのEPCOS超音波センサディスクのB590シリーズには、5.0mmと7.0mmの2つの標準タイプがあります。

i.MX 8 Series Advanced Applications Processors
i.MX 8 Series Advanced Applications Processors

The NXP i.MX 8 Series redefines Applications Processors. Enable industry leading processing with single and multicore Arm® Cortex® architecture for your advanced applications and more!

Image of Omron's XW6T Common Terminal Blocks


Image of ACL Staticide's Digital Megohmmeter
ACL 800 Digital Megohmmeter

ACL Staticide's ACL 800 digital megohmmeter audit kit is designed to easily test static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity and resistance.

Image of Diodes' DMTHxxxxLFDFWQ Automotive-Compliant MOSFETs

Diodesの40V DMTH4008LFDFWQおよび60V DMTH6016LFDFWQ自動車対応MOSFETは、インストルメントクラスタやインフォテイメントなどのアプリケーションに最適です。