TT Electronics/Optek Technology

Optek Technology(TT electronics企業)は、防衛および航空宇宙、医療、運輸、エネルギーおよび産業用電子機器市場にわたる顧客向けに、電子部品を設計製造します。


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OptekのOPF350A/OPF352Aは上限と下限を持つ複数の電力範囲を提供し、設計者はアプリケーションに最適なデバイスを選択することができます。 詳細はこちら

Photologic® V OPB9000反射型光センサ

TT ElectronicsのPhotologic® V OPB9000反射型光センサは、産業および医療アプリケーション向けです。 詳細はこちら

OPA779 Series Display Lighting

The OPA779 series from TT Electronics/Optek Technology is a scalable lighting solution for the general lighting industry. 詳細はこちら

OPI1268S Super Blue Optoisolator

TT Electronics' high voltage optoisolator used in applications located in harsh environments needing a reliable seal against dust, liquids, and explosions. 詳細はこちら

OVQ Series Flexible LED Light Strip

TT Electronics/Optek Technology's LED light strip is a flexible and scalable lighting solution using high brightness LEDs to supply illumination. 詳細はこちら

OPF370 Series Fiber Optic Transmitter

TT Electronics/Optek Technology's OPF370 series fiber optic transmitters are high performance devices packaged for data communication links. 詳細はこちら

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OPB350 Medical Applications Publish Date: 2012-01-17

Detects various states of bodily or medical fluids in a tube as long as the tube is transmissive to the wave length of the LED. Is low power and long lasting.

Duration: 10 minutes
Slotted Switches Publish Date: 2012-01-17

A non-contact method to consistently detecting an object's presence, slotted switches suffer minimal wear and tear and have a lifetime of more than 10 years.

Duration: 15 minutes
Introduction to Optoisolators Publish Date: 2011-11-08

Uses optical connection to transmit a signal and is used for a range applications including: medical, military, and transportation. Also called an optocoupler.

Duration: 15 minutes
OCB100-KIT Auto-Calibration Design Kit Publish Date: 2011-11-08

Includes an automatic calibration circuit board with digital and analog outputs, a non-focused reflective switch, a wide gap slotted switch, and a fluid sensor.

Duration: 15 minutes




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