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Next-Level Wearable Device Webinar

Join Infineon for their upcoming webinar: Next-Level Wearable Device Innovation with Purpose-Built Solutions on April 8, 2021.



3 Phase Smart Gate Driver for BLDC and PMS Motors – GUI and Parameters Configuration
3 Phase smart Gate Driver for BLDC and PMS Motors – Introduction
3 Phase Smart Gate Driver for BLDC and PMS Motors – EMI Emission Test
3 Phase Smart Gate Driver for BLDC and PMS Motors – MOSFETs On-Fly Optimization


10 minutes
Selecting the Right ESD Diode
How to select the optimal ESD diode based on IC requirements and the importance of considering external ESD protection given the technology trends in ICs.
10 minutes
Trenchstop™ 5 is the next generation of thin wafer technology for applications switching to less than 10 kHz.
10 minutes
High Voltage Integrated Circuits
Used to generate the voltage needed to turn high voltage MOSFETs or IGBTs on and off and also offers speed of operation and protection features.
10 minutes
Discrete Power MOSFETs 40 V and Below
Low voltage discrete power MOSFETs 40 V and below for DC-DC and DC application, IR MOSFET selection tool and cross referencing tool.
5 minutes
IRAM Product Line Overview
Reduce noise and the PCB/system size and component count and reduce EMI noise with the IRAM module.
10 minutes
IGBT Primer Device and Applications
Review IGBT concepts, features, applications, and IGBT development in addition to tools and services IR provides for designers and engineers.

Infineon Technologies について

1999年4月1日、Siemens SemiconductorsはInfineon Technologiesに生まれ変わりました。さらにダイナミックに、そしてよりフレキシブルに生まれ変わった同社は、競争の激しい、目まぐるしく変化するマイクロエレクトロニクス業界での成功に向けて発進しました。