CMF Series of Dual Mode Chokes

Triad Magnetics

This presentation will provide an overview of the CMF series, discuss different problems and their solutions, as well as different applications for the series.

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CMC 10MH 1.6A 2LN THCMF16-103161-BCMC 10MH 1.6A 2LN TH465 - 即時
400 - 工場在庫品
CMC 100MH 450MA 2LN THCMF16-104450-BCMC 100MH 450MA 2LN TH109 - 即時
301 - 工場在庫品
CMC 15MH 1.3A 2LN THCMF16-153131-BCMC 15MH 1.3A 2LN TH1091 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 27MH 900MA 2LN THCMF16-273900-BCMC 27MH 900MA 2LN TH392 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 39MH 800MA 2LN THCMF16-393800-BCMC 39MH 800MA 2LN TH705 - 即時
1600 - 工場在庫品
CMC 47MH 700MA 2LN THCMF16-473700-BCMC 47MH 700MA 2LN TH1061 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 68MH 600MA 2LN THCMF16-683600-BCMC 68MH 600MA 2LN TH439 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 10MH 2.3A 2LN THCMF23H-103231-BCMC 10MH 2.3A 2LN TH2087 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 100MH 700MA 2LN THCMF23H-104700-BCMC 100MH 700MA 2LN TH7 - 即時
577 - 工場在庫品
CMC 15MH 1.9A 2LN THCMF23H-153191-BCMC 15MH 1.9A 2LN TH887 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 27MH 1.4A 2LN THCMF23H-273141-BCMC 27MH 1.4A 2LN TH1220 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 39MH 1.2A 2LN THCMF23H-393121-BCMC 39MH 1.2A 2LN TH280 - 即時
1021 - 工場在庫品
CMC 47MH 1.1A 2LN THCMF23H-473111-BCMC 47MH 1.1A 2LN TH47 - 即時
586 - 工場在庫品
CMC 68MH 900MA 2LN THCMF23H-683900-BCMC 68MH 900MA 2LN TH1273 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 100MH 700MA 2LN THCMF23V-104700-BCMC 100MH 700MA 2LN TH421 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CMC 15MH 1.9A 2LN THCMF23V-153191-BCMC 15MH 1.9A 2LN TH439 - 即時
354 - 工場在庫品
CMC 27MH 1.4A 2LN THCMF23V-273141-BCMC 27MH 1.4A 2LN TH170 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CMC 39MH 1.2A 2LN THCMF23V-393121-BCMC 39MH 1.2A 2LN TH559 - 即時
1484 - 工場在庫品
CMC 47MH 1.1A 2LN THCMF23V-473111-BCMC 47MH 1.1A 2LN TH259 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CMC 68MH 900MA 2LN THCMF23V-683900-BCMC 68MH 900MA 2LN TH611 - 即時
1228 - 工場在庫品
PTM Published on: 2018-01-26