Mini50 Sealed and Unsealed Connection Systems

Molex’s miniature Mini50 achieves 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64 mm connectors

Image of Molex's Mini50™ Unsealed Connection SystemsAchieve 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64 mm connectors with Molex’s unsealed, miniature Mini50 single-row connection system, with smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits in interior, unsealed, transportation-vehicle environments.

The Mini50 unsealed, wire-to-board connection system offers customers reduced package sizes compared to conventional 0.64 mm connection systems, with applied cost savings and enhanced reliability.

Mini50 connectors provide reduced overall harness weight and cost savings by allowing wire-harness customers to crimp and process smaller wire gauges versus traditional 0.64 mm terminal systems.

Mini50 SMT headers allow customers to maximize valuable PCB area by removing pass-through features on the circuit board. Module and PCB designers will be able to locate surface-mount components beneath the Mini50 headers on the opposite side of the printed circuit board. The headers will mate to the existing, industry-recognized Mini50 receptacles.

Applications for Automotive and Commercial Vehicles
  • Reduced package size
  • Orientation features are molded into the header
  • Board alignment and retention features
  • High-temperature thermoplastic housings
  • Three polarization options
  • Female terminal wire grips for wires 0.35mm² and smaller
  • Independent secondary lock (ISL) terminal-retention feature
  • CTX50 terminal wire grip design

  • Cameras/Sensors
  • Clusters/Navigation
  • HVAC
  • Headliners
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Radios/DVD Entertainment
  • Switches


画像メーカー品番商品概要ピッチ - 嵌合極数入手可能な数量詳細を閲覧
CONN HEADER R/A 4POS 2MM0347930040CONN HEADER R/A 4POS 2MM0.079インチ(2.00mm)448 - 即時
64584 - 工場在庫品
CONN HEADER SMD R/A 4POS 2MM0349128040CONN HEADER SMD R/A 4POS 2MM0.079インチ(2.00mm)49894 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CONN HEADER VERT 12POS 2MM0348250124CONN HEADER VERT 12POS 2MM0.079インチ(2.00mm)125952 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CONN HEADER R/A 12POS 2MM0348260124CONN HEADER R/A 12POS 2MM0.079インチ(2.00mm)122080 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
CONN HEADER SMD R/A 2POS 2MM0349128020CONN HEADER SMD R/A 2POS 2MM0.079インチ(2.00mm)20詳細を閲覧


CONN SOCKET 22AWG CRIMP TIN0349052443CONN SOCKET 22AWG CRIMP TIN生産中止品刻印ありソケット1595 - 即時詳細を閲覧


CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 2.00MM0347910040CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 2.00MM雌ソケット0.079インチ(2.00mm)7166 - 即時
199800 - 工場在庫品
CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 2.00MM0347910041CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 2.00MM雌ソケット0.079インチ(2.00mm)3205 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CONN RCPT HSG 8POS 2.00MM0347910080CONN RCPT HSG 8POS 2.00MM雌ソケット0.079インチ(2.00mm)2687 - 即時詳細を閲覧
MINI50 CONN RCPT 12CKT NB NP BLK0348240124MINI50 CONN RCPT 12CKT NB NP BLK雌ソケット0.079インチ(2.00mm)2071 - 即時
103480 - 工場在庫品
MINI50 CONN RCPT 16CKT NB BLK A0348240160MINI50 CONN RCPT 16CKT NB BLK A雌ソケット0.079インチ(2.00mm)0詳細を閲覧
刊行: 2013-03-21