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The design phase should be fun and exciting because this is where the magic happens! This phase includes the creation of the following.

Ladyada's Take

Now that you’re finally ready to move forward with your project, it’s time to really begin the creative process. Spend time drafting your electrical and mechanical designs, selecting components, and l ...



Design printed circuit boards from start to finish quickly and easily with PADS® Maker and PADS® Maker Pro.



Created by Digi-Key Applications Engineers, there is no better place to find how-to solutions to today's technical challenges.

When creating your design you want to make sure you will be able to produce it without a hitch. Designing for...

The development tools product selector provides easy access to open source ...

This article from EDN provides a good explanation of how PCBs are created and identifies some of the attributes you...

Over 1,000 curated reference designs sortable by function and technology.