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What is Vishay Automotive Grade?
Vishay on Mars!
Vishay Passives Division Highlights Space-Grade and Military-Qualified Components
Non-Magnetic MLCCs for Medical Applications


20 minutes
HVArc Guard surface mount MLCC
Prevents surface arc-over without using a protective coating and offers higher capacitance compared to standard high voltage surface mount MLCC capacitors.
10 minutes
MLCC Solutions for Board Flexure
Learn what board flexure is, the effect on MLCCs, ways to mitigate problems on the PCB, and ways to mitigate the effect by the choice of component.
10 minutes
Non-Magnetic MLCC for Medical Electronics
How ferromagnetic materials used in capacitors can cause harmful interference in some medical electronics applications.
10 minutes
UHF Chip Antenna
UHF Ceramic Chip antennas features include small outline, omni directional, linear polarization, and complete UHF band coverage.

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