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OARS Zero Ohm Jumper
TaNFilm® Technology Exhibits Superior Moisture Performance Characteristics of Tantalum Nitride
Optek Flexible LED Lighting Strips – Another Geek Moment


5 minutes
PSM Micro-Miniature Slide Potentiometer
This presentation will highlight the features, benefits, and ideal applications for this series of mini slide pots.
5 minutes
OP207CL Low-Profile Infrared Emitter
This presentation will introduce TT Electronics' OP207CL low-profile, infrared emitter from the Optek Technology brand.
10 minutes
HA65A Inductor
Explore the characteristics, specifications, and applications for the HA65A series of fixed inductors.
10 minutes
On Line Input Resistors
The definition and functions of a line input resistor in a power supply circuit, TT Electronics' product offering, and tools for support.
5 minutes
MagnePot Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor
A non-contact, single-turn Hall Effect sensor featuring an extremely low mechanical torque, low noise, and a long rotational life of over 10 million cycles.
10 minutes
Surface Mount Coupled Inductors
HM78D-1210 has dual windings that can be connected in series, parallel, as a dual inductor, or as a transformer, making it very versatile.

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