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Schaffner EMC, Inc.

Image of Schaffner's FN2000 Series Filters

FN2000 Series of Chassis Mount Filters

FN2000 series single-phase filters provide an extremely cost-effective solution for a wide range of general-purpose filtering requirements.

Image of Schaffner's FN9280 & FN9290 Series

FN9280 & FN9290 Series

Choosing FN 9280/90 product line brings you the rapid availability of an EMC/EMI standard filter associated with the necessary safety acceptances and a high attenuation performance.

Image of Schaffner's IEC Lock +

IEC Lock +

The IEC Lock + has been designed to be implemented in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is of paramount importance. The release mechanism differentiates the product from other leads.

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Schaffner FN3258 Series | Digi-Key Daily
Schaffner IEC Lock +
FN9280 & FN9290 Series
Schaffner Group: Shanghai


5 minutes
FN9255 Series of High Frequency Dual Stage IEC Filters
Schaffner's FN9255 and FN9255E IEC inlet filters offer high attenuation, front and rear mount options, and seven current ratings.
5 minutes
FN3287/FN3288 Three Phase Filters
This presentation will introduce the features and benefits, part number structure and application examples for the FN3287/FN3288 series.
5 minutes
IF13 Series of Filtered Power Cords
This presentation will introduce the IF13 Series of Filtered Power Cords from Schaffner.
5 minutes
RT Chokes
This presentation will provide an introduction to Schaffner's RT Choke Series.
5 minutes
RN Choke Series
Learn about the RN current-compensated RFI suppression choke series
5 minutes
FN2000 Series of Single Phase AC/DC, Chassis Filters
FN2000 series single-phase filters provide an extremely cost-effective solution for a wide range of general-purpose filtering requirements

Schaffner EMC, Inc. について

Schaffner is the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, supplying components that support the efficient and reliable use of electric energy. Customers benefit from the technological know-how of the Schaffner Group in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance products that offer optimized and fault-free operation and compliance with all major quality and performance standards.

With its products and services, the Schaffner Group plays a key role in promoting technologies that support renewable energies, ensures the reliable functioning of electronic equipment and systems and meets the requirements for greater energy efficiency. With its EMC and power quality components and modules plus a wide range of services for equipment manufacturers and systems integrators, the Schaffner Group strives for market leadership in all product and service categories.