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Pomona Electronics

Image of Pomona's DIY Connectors for Quick Wire Attachments


Pomona Elecronicsは、低電圧アプリケーション向けに、DIY 4mmバナナプラグとバインディングポストコネクタの5つの製品ラインを提供します。


How You Can Prevent Damage to Your Electronics! ┃ Pomona Electronics ESD Safe Screwdriver Set
Just a Twist Away for Increased Safety ┃ Pomona Electronics 7519A TwistGuard™ Test Lead Set
New line of convenient and safety rated Pomona solutions
Who is Pomona Electronics?


5 minutes
Boxes and Enclosures
This presentation will provide a brief overview of the boxes and enclosures offered by Pomona Electronics.
5 minutes
DMM Accessories and Kits
This module provides a brief overview of how Pomona’s line of DMM accessories and kits are used, as well as who uses them and where.
5 minutes
Quick Connect Banana Plugs and Binding Posts
Discussing where and when quick wire attachment connectors can be used, why color-coding is important, and details of connectors available from Pomona.
5 minutes
Grabbers and Test Clips
Grabbers and test clips are used to temporarily connect wires to components on circuit boards, connector pins, or other terminals
5 minutes
Test Clips and Adapters
IC Test Clips and Adapters are used by design engineers in who use process emulators to write embedded software and logic analyzers for measurements
10 minutes
Patch Cords and Test Leads
The cords and leads you need are dependent on the application being used for. Learn what factors to consider in selection.

Pomona Electronics について

Pomona Electronicsは、電子テスト機器向けの接続アクセサリを供給する主要なグローバル企業です。広範なテストおよび設計アプリケーション向けに設計されたPomona製品は、品質、信頼性および確実性で高い評価を獲得してきました。