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Ohmite TEH140 Series Power Resistors | Digi-Key Daily
Ohmite LVM Series | Digi-Key Daily
Ohmite Company Overview
Heatsink Calculations: choosing a heat sink for industry standard package sizes


5 minutes
Current Sensing Resistors
Summary and discussion of the full range of current sensing resistors offered by Ohmite including specifications, benefits, and applications.
5 minutes
High Voltage Resistors
Ohmite’s high voltage resistor product offerings include Mini Mox, Maxi Mox, Super Mox, Slim Mox, HVF, and Macrochip series.
5 minutes
Quick Heatsink Guide
Calculate heatsink and see heatsink components from Ohmite that are appropriate for applications requiring different wattage and mounting options.

Ohmite について

Ohmite Manufacturing Companyは、80年以上にわたって高電流、高電圧および高エネルギーアプリケーション向けの抵抗器を供給してきた主要企業です。同社のフル製品ラインには、可変電圧制御およびヒートシンクに加えて、巻線型、抵抗線、厚膜、およびセラミック組成抵抗器が含まれます。