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Murata Electronics

Image of SCA3300 Series MEMS Accelerometer

SCA3300シリーズ MEMS加速度センサ


Image of Murata's Sim Surfing Tool

SimSurfing Tool

SimSurfing Software provides an easy way to select Murata products. The tool allows comparison and selections by electrical spec and graph of the target product. Data is constantly updated with the latest simulation models and raw data.

Image of Murata's EIA 0201 Size MLCCs

EIA 0201サイズMLCC

Murata ElectronicsのEIA 0201サイズのMLCCは、PCBスペースを約40%節約しながら安定した性能特性を維持します。



Murata SCA3300 MEMS Accelerometer | Digi-Key Daily
Murata RFID solution
Murata’s switch connectors are a great way to contribute to more efficient circuit measurements for improved performance
Murata LXRW Series Variable Capacitors | Digi-Key Daily


10 minutes
High-Cap Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Lower impedance/ESR at high frequencies, constant capacitance over a wide frequency range, and noise absorption allow MLCCs to save costs and perform better.
10 minutes
Noise Filter for Audio Line
Murata's noise suppression solutions for cellular phone and home audio.
25 minutes
Common Mode Chokes for Signal and DC Power Lines
Understanding the applications and basic theory of common-mode chokes and how they help reduce interference on balanced transmission lines or DC power lines.
10 minutes
Chip Ferrite Beads
This presentation will provide an overview of the Chip Ferrite Beads offered by Murata.
15 minutes
Chip Ferrite Beads for Automotive
Overview of chip ferrite beads for automotive market, as well as a review of EMI compliance, software design tools, and products available.
15 minutes
Chip RF Inductors
Overview of the families of chip RF inductors offered by Murata.

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