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10 minutes
Understanding Remote Control and Remote Keyless Entry
Learn about RF encoders, transmitters, receivers, and decoders, and the process that enables Remote Keyless Entry.
10 minutes
Understanding RF Modules
Overview of what a Radio Frequency module is and how to select the right one.
10 minutes
FCC and Legal Considerations with Linx Radio Modules
Discuss the requirements of the FCC Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 47, Part 15 which deals with unlicensed RF operation.
10 minutes
Considerations Sending Data Over Wireless Link
Learn about challenges that must be faced in order to maintain a secure system including encryption, protocols, and packet delivery.
10 minutes
Encoders and Decoders Overview
Encoder and decoder IC overview and the differences between Linx encoders and decoders.
10 minutes
Introduction to the RF Environment
Providing a basic understanding of how signals are transmitted and received in an RF environment.

Linx Technologies について

Linx Technologiesは、すべての習熟レベルのエンジニアが容易に使用できるワイヤレス製品の開発および製造により、ワイヤレスの取扱いを簡単にします。同社のRFモジュール、リモートコントロール、評価キットおよびマスター開発システムは、簡単なハードウェア構成と分かりやすい説明書が特長です。Linx製品は、ゼロからRF機能を作り上げるのに頭を悩ませたり出費をすることなく、技術者や愛好家が無線機能を簡単に統合できるようにします。