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Image of Intel's Quartus Prime Design Software

Intel® Quartus® Prime設計ソフトウェア

Intel® Quartus® Prime設計ソフトウェアには、設計エントリおよび統合から最適化、検証、そしてシミュレーションに至るまで、FPGA、SoC、およびCPLD向けの設計にユーザーが必要とするすべてのものが含まれます。



FPGAクラウド接続キット | Datasheet Preview
FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit | Datasheet Preview
LiDARデプスカメラL515 | Datasheet Preview
LiDAR Depth Camera L515 | Datasheet Preview


5 minutes
Enpirion® EN53x9QI Family of Fully Integrated, Scalable Power Solutions
This presentation will introduce Intel’s footprint compatible family of low current devices for point-of-load applications. There will be a review of the features and benefits as well as a discussion on some key performance metrics.
5 minutes
Enpirion® Output Voltage Ripple Measurement Techniques
Intel® Enpirion® output voltage ripple measurement techniques keep the VOUT to GND measurement loop as small as possible.
5 minutes
Intel® Enpirion® EZ6301QI/EZ6303QI Triple Output Fully Integrated PowerSoC Synchronous Buck Converters
The Intel® Enpirion® triple channel EZ6301QI and EZ6303QI PowerSoCs integrate the inductor, digital controller, and power MOSFETs on one channel.
5 minutes
EC2650QI High-Efficiency 12V Bus Converter
This presentation will introduce the EN2650QI high-efficiency 12V bus converter and review its features and benefits.
5 minutes
EV1320 High Efficiency DDR Termination Power Converter
Intel's EV1320 power converter is designed to replace low-efficiency linear regulators as well as expensive switch-mode DC-DC memory terminations.
5 minutes
Intel® Enpirion® EN6340QI and EN6363QI 4-A and 6-A DC-DC Step-Down Converters
This presentation will introduce the EN6340QI and EN6363QI, which are footprint compatible 4-A and 6-A PowerSoC modules with integrated inductor.

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