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Grayhill, Inc.


Grayhill 3K and 3J Series CANbus Keypads | Digi-Key Daily
Grayhill and Neonode New Product Discoveries Episode 21
Grayhill Touch Encoder provides a High Quality, Intuitive User Experience
Grayhill Touch Encoder | Digi-Key Daily


10 minutes
3D50 and Qt Software
3D50 Display provides a responsive touch-screen interface for applications in agriculture and construction vehicles.
20 minutes
Optical Encoder
Optical encoder key components, human interface encoders and applications, as well as a discussion around mechanical interface optical encoders.
20 minutes
Rotary Switches & Mechanical Encoders
Basic understanding of terminology and functions of rotary switches as well as different applications of rotary switches and mechanical encoders.
10 minutes
Input/Output Devices
Summary of input/output devices from Grayhill that offer a selection of both digital and analog input and output modules, racks, and bases.
20 minutes
Basic keypad orientation, advantages and disadvantages of the four types of keypads offered by Grayhill, and various keypad applications.

Grayhill, Inc. について

Grayhill, Inc.は、光学式および機械式エンコーダ、ロータリスイッチ、ジョイスティック、面実装およびスルーホールのDIPスイッチ、ロータリDIPスイッチ、トグルスイッチ、標準およびカスタムのキーパッド、カスタムオペレータインターフェースフロントパネル、I/Oモジュール、設置用ラックなどの電子部品の大手メーカーです。