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Cornell Dubilier Electronics

Image of Cornell Dubilier's Type 381LX/383LX



Image of Cornell Dubilier's MC/MCN Series

MC/MCNシリーズ 積層RFコンデンサ


Image of Cornell Dubilier's Quencharc® Arc


Cornell DubilierのQuencharcコンデンサは、抵抗器と金属化ポリエステルフィルムコンデンサを組み合わせ、過渡抑制を実現します。


CDE TYPE RA Capacitors
CDE PPC Series
ULP Series Ultra Low Profile Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
RJD Series Coin Cell Batteries


5 minutes
DGH Series Supercapacitor
Detailing the features and capabilities of the DGH series supercapacitor, as well as differences between the DGH series and conventional electrolytic capacitors.
5 minutes
PPC Series 1 mm-Thin Aluminum Polymer Capacitors
CDE’s PPC flat aluminum polymer capacitors offer a package thickness of just 1 mm and are for applications requiring high-ripple current and the thinnest possible profile.
5 minutes
Electric Double Layer Capacitors aka Coin Cell Supercapacitors
Cornell Dubilier's EDC/EDS coin cell supercapacitors combine cost effectiveness with a very high level of performance.
5 minutes
Ultra-Low-Profile Series of Electrolytic Capacitors
This presentation will introduce the Ultra-Low-Profile (ULP) Series of Electrolytic Capacitors.
5 minutes
THA and THAS Thinpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
This presentation will introduce 2 Thinpack aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier: the THA and THAS.
5 minutes
RJD-Series Hi-Cap Li-Ion Rechargeable Coin Cell Battery
RJD series batteries offer exceptionally high capacity to enhance product operation with increased running time and power

Cornell Dubilier Electronics について

Cornell Dubilierは、お客様のアプリケーションを成功事例に変換するコンデンサを提供しており、アルミ電解、マイカ、モータ駆動、ACおよびDCプラスチックフィルムコンデンサ製品に秀でています。Cornell Dubilierはほぼ100年にわたり、コンデンサの製造を専門にしています。溶接機、UPSシステム、モータ、ドライブ、航空電子機器、パワーエレクトロニクス、軍用電子機器、そして医療用レーザー分野での世界の主要各社は、33,000を超える顧客の中でも際立った存在です。