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Cornell Dubilier Electronics

Image of Cornell Dubilier's Type 381LX/383LX



Image of Cornell Dubilier's MC/MCN Series

MC/MCNシリーズ 積層RFコンデンサ


Image of Cornell Dubilier's Quencharc® Arc


Cornell DubilierのQuencharcコンデンサは、抵抗器と金属化ポリエステルフィルムコンデンサを組み合わせ、過渡抑制を実現します。


CDE TYPE RA Capacitors
CDE PPC Series
ULP Series Ultra Low Profile Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
RJD Series Coin Cell Batteries


5 minutes
BLH Series DC Link Capacitors for Harsh Environments
This presentation will explain the features and performance characteristics that make this series of DC Link capacitors ideal for inverters installed in harsh environments​.
5 minutes
VMF/VPF Series Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors
This presentation will provide an overview of the VMF/VPF series of hybrid Lithium-Ion capacitor supercapacitors from Cornell Dubilier.
5 minutes
ALH Series Long-Life, Board-Mount AC Filtering Capacitors for Harsh Environments
Cornell Dubilier's ALH series of AC-rated filter capacitors offer self-healing, metalized polypropylene-film in a robust board-mount package.
5 minutes
DGH Series Supercapacitor
Detailing the features and capabilities of the DGH series supercapacitor, as well as differences between the DGH series and conventional electrolytic capacitors.
5 minutes
PPC Series 1 mm-Thin Aluminum Polymer Capacitors
CDE’s PPC flat aluminum polymer capacitors offer a package thickness of just 1 mm and are for applications requiring high-ripple current and the thinnest possible profile.
5 minutes
Electric Double Layer Capacitors aka Coin Cell Supercapacitors
Cornell Dubilier's EDC/EDS coin cell supercapacitors combine cost effectiveness with a very high level of performance.

Cornell Dubilier Electronics について

Cornell Dubilierは、お客様のアプリケーションを成功事例に変換するコンデンサを提供しており、アルミ電解、マイカ、モータ駆動、ACおよびDCプラスチックフィルムコンデンサ製品に秀でています。Cornell Dubilierはほぼ100年にわたり、コンデンサの製造を専門にしています。溶接機、UPSシステム、モータ、ドライブ、航空電子機器、パワーエレクトロニクス、軍用電子機器、そして医療用レーザー分野での世界の主要各社は、33,000を超える顧客の中でも際立った存在です。