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Connor Winfield


10 minutes
High Precision CSB Series of TCXOs
Featuring precise frequency standards designed specifically for use in supporting Cospas Sarsat emergency beacon equipment.
10 minutes
OH100/200/300 Series of OCXO
Precise frequency standards, excellent aging, and outstanding phase noise are just a few of the benefits offered by the OH series from Connor-Winfield.
15 minutes
D Series Precision (TCXO) Overview
Excellent stability and phase noise performance make TCXO components ideal for communications, military, and medical applications.

Connor Winfield について

Connor Winfield Corporationは、45年以上にわたり水晶ベースのタイミング回路と発振器の設計と製造を行っています。米国を代表する発振器およびタイミング製品の製造メーカーであるConnor Winfieldは、水晶振動子および非水晶ベースの新しい発振器製品を市場に送り出すために絶えず革新を続けています。