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Allegro MicroSystems

Image of Allegro's ARG81800



Image of Allegro's ACS71240 Integrated Current Sensor



Image of Allegro's AMT49400 BLDC

AMT49400 BLDCファンドライバ



Allegro Microsystems ACS71020 Power Monitoring IC | Digi-Key Daily
A1569: A Single Chip LED Lighting Solution with Integrated Hall-Effect Switch
Allegro A4915 Full Version
Allegro A4915 Demo Board


10 minutes
ACS726 Hall-effect Based Current Sensor
The ACS726 is the first product in Allegro’s family of current sensors to include a fully differential output signal.
10 minutes
A49xx Family of Stepper Motor Driver ICs
Complete microstepping motor drivers with a built-in translator for easy operation and overcurrent protection, reducing rework costs in operations.
5 minutes
Current Sensor ICs
Line of fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor ICs providing highly accurate output voltage signals proportional to the current that is being applied.
5 minutes
A6211 LED Driver
Allegro’s A6211 constant-current, 3 A, PWM dimmable, buck regulator LED driver is a thermally efficient, minimized solution.
10 minutes
A495x Family of DC Motor Driver ICs
The A495x family consists of three single full-bridge drivers; the A4950, A4952, and A4953, and one dual full bridge driver; the A4954.
10 minutes
A3987 DMOS Microstepping Driver with Translator
Enhanced features such as optimized performance, reduced manufacturing, and less fallout/failure offer many solutions to stepper motor drives.

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