Board Shield .65x.65" Cover

EMI Board Level Shields

Laird Technologies EMI - レアードテクノロジーズ

This presentation will discuss the importance of shielding products, introduce the different series of Board Level Shields the Laird EMI offers and explain the key features of each series.

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RF SHIELD 0.728BMI-S-209-CRF SHIELD 0.728"X1.156" SNAP FITカバー38387 - 即時詳細を閲覧
RF SHIELD 1.018BMI-S-205-CRF SHIELD 1.018"X1.518" ADHESIVEカバー38145 - 即時詳細を閲覧
RF SHIELD 1.278BMI-S-204-CRF SHIELD 1.278"X1.278" SNAP FITカバー0詳細を閲覧
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RF SHIELD 1.747BMI-S-107RF SHIELD 1.747"X1.747" SLDR 1PCシールド、1ピース1242 - 即時詳細を閲覧
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RF SHIELD 0.728BMI-S-209-FRF SHIELD 0.728" X 1.156" SOLDERフレーム23113 - 即時詳細を閲覧
PTM Published on: 2011-01-24