Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry Capacitors


This presentation will provide an overview of the EPCOS automotive grade capacitors and discuss typical applications in the hybrid and electric vehicle market. There will be a review of which type of capacitor is best suited for each portion of the standard configuration, with in-depth highlights of each capacitor type. In the ever moving automotive industry, EPCOS capacitors have the solutions to meet the needs of a new design.
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CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 400V SNAPB43508A9108M000CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 400V SNAP新規設計向けに不適合1000µF0詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 400V SNAPB43508A9477M000CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 400V SNAPアクティブ470µF20 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 400V SNAPB43508A9687M000CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 400V SNAP新規設計向けに不適合680µF20 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 200V SNAPB43508B2108M000CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 200V SNAPアクティブ1000µF0詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 200V SNAPB43508B2687M000CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 200V SNAPアクティブ680µF11 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 200V SNAPB43508A2228M000CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 200V SNAPアクティブ2200µF369 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 450V SNAPB43508A5477M000CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 450V SNAP新規設計向けに不適合470µF0詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 560UF 20% 450V SNAPB43508A5567M000CAP ALUM 560UF 20% 450V SNAPアクティブ560µF324 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 100UF 20% 400V SNAPB43508A9107M000CAP ALUM 100UF 20% 400V SNAP新規設計向けに不適合100µF290 - 即時詳細を閲覧
CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 400V SNAPB43508A9227M000CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 400V SNAPアクティブ220µF0詳細を閲覧
PTM Published on: 2012-09-17