BNX Series Block Style EMI Filter

Excellent Noise Suppression On DC Powerlines

BNX Series Block Style EMI Filter The Murata Electronics BNX series of DC power line EMI filters offers wide frequency noise suppression in a compact, low profile SMD design suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Utilizing Murata's unique ceramic and ferrite materials packaging technology, the BNX block style EMI filter is comprised of a network of capacitors and ferrite beads which offer significant Insertion Loss (I.L.) across a wide frequency range from 1 MHz to 1 GHz. The rated voltage is 50 VDC with up to a 15 A current rating over a temperature range up to -40°C to +125°C. Additional features of the BNX series block style EMI filter include:

  • Broad noise suppression across a wide frequency range in a single package
  • High insertion loss characteristic over a wide frequency range from 1 MHz to 1 GHz: 40 dB minimum (BNX012)
  • Large rated current:15 A (BNX012)
  • Low DC resistance: 0.43 mΩ typical (BNX022)
  • Effective for impulse noise such as electrostatic discharge or spike
  • Unique construction ensures high performance and high reliability
  • Low profile height: 8.0 mm (BNX-012)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Flat Panel Display (PDP/ LCD-TV)
  • Digital AV equipment
  • PC peripheral equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Measurement equipment
  • Power Supplies

BNX Series

FILTER LC 1UF SMDBNX022-01LFILTER LC 1UF SMD35dB @ 1MHz~1GHz5331 - 即時詳細を閲覧
FILTER LC THBNX012-01FILTER LC TH40dB @ 1MHz~1GHz212 - 即時詳細を閲覧
刊行: 2008-07-16