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Signal Transformer



How to Connect Series and Parallel Transformers
Signal Transformer Lighting Products Overview
Signal Transformer HCTC Chokes and HCTI Inductors
Signal Transformer EcoTran Standard Series Transformer Product Overview


5 minutes
Common Mode Chokes for Signal, Protocol Data Lines (SPDL)
Signal Transformer's SPDL series of compact SMT common mode chokes support the differential noise suppression requirements in a variety of applications.
5 minutes
SPoE Power Over Ethernet Surface Mount Transformers
This presentation introduces Signal’s SPoE series of products, their functionality, and the various applications they can be used within.
10 minutes
Medical Safety Transformers for Power Isolation
This presentation will preview the products available from Signal Transformer and showcase how they are used in medical equipment.
5 minutes
High Current Toroidal Inductor and High Current Toroidal Choke Design Kits
Signal's HCTC/HCTI high current toroidal inductor and choke design kit is an excellent resource in helping engineers streamline the selection and prototyping process.
5 minutes
Lighting Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) Transformers - LT Series
Signal’s lighting transformers (LT) series are used for low voltage level lighting systems in close proximity to lamps or loads.
5 minutes
High Current Toroidal Common Mode Chokes - HCTC Series
This presentation provides both an introduction to Signal’s line of High Current Toroidal Choke, known as the HCTC series and an overview of where and how the HCTC series chokes are used.

Signal Transformer について

Signal Transformerは、トランス、チョーク、インダクタ、およびカスタムまたは変更を加えた標準製品を製造しています。Signal Transformerの創設者により実現された革新的なアイデアは、電力変換産業を標準化しました。この革新の前には、最もシンプルなトランスでさえも複雑なチャンネルを通して調達されました。カタログから選択し電話一本で注文することができる、すぐに入手可能な多数の設計プラットフォームを提供することにより、Signalは世界を永遠に変換しました。