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SRAM Overview and Applications

ON Semiconductor - オンセミコンダクター

Serial SRAM is a low-power, volatile memory product. Although it is a volatile memory, it has a battery-backed feature that allows it to replace non-volatile memory. In addition, its low pin count offers easy integration into smaller devices.

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IC SRAM 256KBIT SPI 20MHZ 8SOICN25S830HAS22IIC SRAM 256KBIT SPI 20MHZ 8SOICアクティブ揮発性4000 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
IC SRAM 256KBIT SPI 20MHZ 8TSSOPN25S830HAT22IIC SRAM 256KBIT SPI 20MHZ 8TSSOPアクティブ揮発性36100 - 工場在庫品詳細を閲覧
IC SRAM 64KBIT SPI 20MHZ 8SOICN64S830HAS22IIC SRAM 64KBIT SPI 20MHZ 8SOICアクティブ揮発性116 - 即時詳細を閲覧
PTM Published on: 2016-02-08