TRF7960EVM: RFID Reader / Writer 13.56 MHz


The Texas Instruments TRF7960 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of the TRF7960 multiple-protocol RFID transceiver.

The EVM is used to demonstrate the capabilities of the device (32 pin QFN) and help aid the user in the development process. The device incorporates an analog front end, protocol handling, framing, error checking, and multiple integrated voltage regulators with other features that allow the reader to be customized / configurable for the end application.


Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category RFID
Eval Board Part Number 481-1106-ND
Eval Board Supplier Texas Instruments
Eval Board -
Design Author Texas Instruments
Switching Frequency 13.56 MHz
Component Count + Extras 63 + 10
Main I.C. Base Part TRF7960
Date Created By Author 2006-11
Date Added To Library 2017-05

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