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Image of TE Connectivity's T9G Series PCB Relays
T9G Series PCB Relays

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays’ T9G series are 30 A power PCB relays for HVAC, appliance, and industrial control applications.

Image of ROHM Semiconductor's Automotive LED Products
Automotive LED Products

ROHM's family of AEC-Q100-qualified automotive LED products features automotive grade driver ICs, as well as SMD LEDs.

Image of Power Integrations' InnoSwitch™3-Pro Flyback Switcher ICs
InnoSwitch™3-Pro Flyback Switcher ICs

Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch3-Pro flyback switcher IC dramatically simplifies the development and manufacturing of low-voltage, high-current power supplies.

Image of  Vicotee’s Njord Module Based Solution
Njord Module Based Solution

Vicotee Njord nodes are primarily powered by embedded batteries that can last for several years, depending on connected sensors and measurement interval.

Image of Toshiba's TK040N65Z Superjunction 650 V MOSFET
TK040N65Z Superjunction 650 V MOSFET

Toshiba’s TK040N65Z is a 650 V next-generation superjunction power MOSFET supporting continuous drain currents (ID) up to 57 A and 228 A when pulsed (IDP).

Image of Pulse Network's AE Series Common Mode Chokes
Automotive Ethernet Common Mode Chokes - AE Series

Pulse Network's AE Series CMCs offer high-reliability, high-volume manufacturing, longterm manufacturing support, and meet AEC-Q200 requirements.

Image of Omron's NX Integrated Safety Controllers
NX Integrated Safety Controllers

Omron's NX-S safety controllers offer integration of safety into machine automation enabling simple, flexible system configuration.

Image of SCS' 8900 Series Dissipative Rubber Worksurface Mat Kits and Rolls
8900 Series Dissipative Rubber Worksurface Mat Kits and Rolls

The SCS 8900 series of dissipative rubber mats and rolls meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 required limit and the recommendation of work surface standard ANSI/ESD S4.1.

Image of Microchip's  dsPIC33CK Single-Core Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Family
dsPIC33CK Single-Core Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Family

Microchip's dsPIC33CK family addresses design requirements like high energy efficiency, system performance and robust operations in a cost-effective manner.

Image of Amphenol ICC's CTW Fan Module Connector
CTW Fan Module Connector

Amphenol ICC's CTW fan module connector offers a cost-effective solution with less airflow drop compared to conventional card-to-board fan connector solutions.

Image of Digilent's Cora Z7
Cora Z7: Zynq-7000 Single- and Dual-Core Options for Arm®/FPGA SoC Development

Digilent's Cora Z7 pairs with Xilinx's Zynq-7000 APSoC giving the ability to surround the processor with a set of software-defined peripherals and controllers.

Image of Pulse Electronics Power's PA500X Series Automotive SMT Inductors
Automotive High Current, Low Profile SMT Inductors – PA500X Series

Pulse Electronics' PA500X series of high current, low profile SMT inductors offer soft saturation with no thermal aging and fit industry standard footprints.

Image of AKM's AK4331ECB 32-Bit Stereo Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
AK4331ECB 32-Bit Stereo Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)

AKM's AK4331ECB stereo DAC offers 4 types of 32-bit digital filters for better sound quality attaining low distortion characteristics with a wide dynamic range.

Image of Linear Technology's LTC2066 Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier
LTC2066/LTC2067 Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier (Op Amp)

Linear Technology's operational amplifiers can serve as a signal chain building block in portable, energy harvesting, and wireless sensor applications.

Image of Vishay Dale's WSHP2818 Power Metal Strip® Resistor
WSHP2818 Power Metal Strip® Resistor

Vishay Dale's WSHP2818 all metal welded construction ensures that heat is efficiently transferred from the resistance element to the large copper terminals.