- Since 2009, Verivolt has equipped engineers and scientists with tools to address power related applications. Verivolt’s sensing simplifies solutions for the diagnostic, control, and monitoring of power systems. Their products include current sensors, transducers, current shunts, voltage sensors, isolators, and many others.

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Encore Current to Voltage Transducers

Verivolt Encore is part of a family of current to voltage transducers designed to measure isolated and ground currents. Learn More

Entube SE Voltage Transducers

The Entube SE series is a family of voltage transducers from Verivolt designed for high quality single ended measurements in a very compact form factor. Learn More

IsoBlock V Voltage Transducers

The IsoBlock V module from Verivolt has been designed to provide high-quality isolated differential voltage measurements for applications requiring scaling of high voltages. Learn More

IsoBlock I-FG Current Sensor

The IsoBlock Current-FG is a sensor designed by Verivolt for high-quality isolated current measurements for applications up to 50 Amperes. Learn More

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