Twin Industries

- Twin Industries is a leading manufacturer of hardware development tools and prototyping products. For over thirty years, our bus extender cards, surface mount adapter boards, and prototyping boards have helped complete the critical path between concept and market release.

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ABS Project Boxes

Twin Industries ABS project boxes with custom-fit prototyping boards are sold together under a single part number. Learn More

Raspberry Pi Prototyping Boards

Twin Industries prototyping boards are specifically designed for Raspberry Pi projects. Learn More

LED Protoboard

Twin Industries' prototyping boards offer a versatile solution for LED projects and enhances LED luminosity. Learn More

MicroAmp MB Series Circuit Boards

Twin Industries' MicroAmp MB series circuit boards are designed for rapid prototyping of many different low and high-frequency circuit functions. Learn More

Solderless Breadboards

Twin Industries' solderless breadboards are ideal for electronic projects, rapid prototyping, and educational programs. Learn More

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