Phoenix Mecano

Custom Enclosures

Digi-Key, in association with Phoenix Mecano, can offer you a quote on your secondary services. For more information on Phoenix Mecano's available options or if you need assistance, contact Please send requests or drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address.

The Facts on Enclosure Customization

Image of Rose Bopla's Powder Coating

Painting/Powder Coating - They routinely paint to customer requirements in smooth or textured finishes, using Federal Standard 595A colors, RAL colors, or other special colors.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Assembly

Assembly - On request, they install accessories such as cable grips, conduit hubs, terminal blocks, DIN Rail assemblies, wiring, hinges, optional gaskets, and customer components into your housings.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Screenprinting

Screen Priting - Using the screen print process, they are able to print your data on all housings and front plates. Silk-screen inks are available in several colors and are resistant to most solvents. Phoenix Mecano creates screens in-house, and can provide artwork services if required. Artwork Guidelines

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Anodizing

Irriditing/Chromating/Anodizing - For greater chemical resistance to corrosion in aluminum housings, consider using one of our chemical treatment processes-irriditing, chromating, or anodizing. Subsequent priming and painting give lasting protection from corrosive attacks. Anodizing is available in black or clear as standard.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Drilling

Drilling - They can drill holes through all housings in tolerances to 0.002 of an inch.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Tapping

Taping - Using NPT, Metric, or PG taps, they can thread holes in your housings to your specifications on request.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Milling

Milling - Our CNC processing center enables us to carry out difficult machining work to tight tolerances. The program for your job will be stored ensuring that future orders can be repeated with the same accuracy and quality.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Panel Work

Panel Work - Phoenix Mecano fabricates panels using various thicknesses of plate aluminum and plastic material, as well as screen printing information on panels--all to your specifications. Artwork Guidelines

Image of Phoenix Mecano's RFI Shielding

RFI/EMC Shielding - RFI spray on our plastic and fiberglass housings offers protection for your design against adverse interference or radiation. They can also install RFI gaskets on request.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Engraving

Engraving - Phoenix Mecano offers engraving services using any alphabet or outline. Engraving is performed in-house by computer controlled machines.

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Membrane Keypads

Membrane Keypads - Phoenix Mecano ensures that our products conform to your requirements by emphasizing engineering support in the early stages, by statistically monitoring and controlling our processes, and by inspecting 100% of our products electrically and cosmetically. From concept to finished product, total customer satisfaction is our goal. Artwork Guidelines