- Kitronik is a Nottingham based electronics company which specializes in developing project kits and learning resources for schools and home hobbyists. Kitronik aims to inspire and engage people of all abilities to further their knowledge of electronics, coding, and design by offering a well-designed, well-manufactured, innovative product range, and free resources, all backed by detailed product descriptions, knowledgeable staff, and fast delivery. They create high-quality products and resources for education and makers and, as such, stock an extensive range of electronic project kits, components, tools and test equipment, a wide range of materials, and also e-textiles products including conductive thread.

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MeArm Robotic Arm Kits

Kitronik's MeArm robotic arm kits are offered in multiple controller platforms including micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Maker. Learn More

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Kitronik ZIP Halo HD board for the BBC for micro:bit | Maker Minute

Kitronik presents their ZIP Halo HD board for the BBC micro:bit. The board features a built-in MEMS microphone and piezo buzzer for sound, an RTC (Real Time Clock) communicating over I2C lines and 60 full color LEDs.

Kitronik ARCADE Gamepad for Microsoft MakeCode Arcade

The Kitronik ARCADE has been specifically designed to offer the perfect platform for running MakeCode Arcade games.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – MeArm Robot Micro:Bit Kit | Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Electronics stocks the best holiday gift ideas for technicians, tinkerers and makers.

Kitronik MOVE MINI with bumper Digi-Key Edition | Digi-Key Daily

The MOVE mini with Bumper Digi-Key Edition is a 2-wheeled robotics kit that includes Kitronik’s ServoLite board, their BBC microbit board, and their bumper add-on kit.

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