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Image of Inolux RGB LEDs

RGBW: Product Brief

Inolux Corporation proudly offers RGB(W) LED solutions for all applications, including custom designs with specialized requirements such as viewing angle, brightness, and package size.

Image of Inolux Display LEDs

Display: Product Brief

Inolux Corporation’s Product Engineering Team create Display LED solutions to meet all design needs with options that include special icons, Common Anode/Common Cathode, Digital I/O, through-hole/SMD, and more.

Image of Inolux's Ultraviolet LEDs

UV: Product Brief

The demand for UVA and UVC LED Applications has never been greater; Inolux Corporation proudly supports product designer's in answering that call by providing dynamic UV LED innovation, customization options, and a full RoHS2 and Reach compliant Ultraviolet product line.

About Inolux

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Inolux celebrates innovation by delivering industry-leading optoelectronic solutions and support that enable boundless design goals. From popular LED packages to customized components with unique and challenging design requirements, Inolux product engineering proudly pairs a vast and innovative LED offering with exceptional performance and reliability. Product categories include but are not limited to SMD, through-hole, display, infrared, optocoupler, and ultraviolet devices.

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