Fair-Rite Products Corp.

- Fair-Rite Products Corp., an ISO 9001 registered company, is a leading full-line ferrite component manufacturer. Known for utilizing innovative processes and materials, Fair-Rite offers a wide variety of components and engineering design support for EMI suppression, Power, and Antenna/RFID applications. With over 65 years in the industry, Fair-Rite is Your Signal Solution®.

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High-Frequency Mini Power Kit (For 67 Material)

Fair-Rite's HF Mini Power Kit contains various sizes of toroids and EQ/I cores allowing designers to test the advantages that 67 material brings to designs. Learn More

Flexible Ferrite Sheets

Fair-Rite’s flexible ferrite sheets provide the benefits of soft-magnetic materials while freeing users from their mechanical constraints. Learn More

75 Material for Low-Frequency Suppression

Fair-Rite's 75 material is available in snap-it form allowing users to find a solution to their low-frequency noise issues quickly. Learn More

Engineering Kits

Fair-Rite’s engineering kits provide a comprehensive listing of material types and forms to fit any application. Learn More

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High Frequency Power Magnetics Technology Roadmap

Fair-Rite Products Corp., Your Signal Solution®, introduces a roadmap of their 67, 79, and recently developed 80 materials.

Basics of Ferrite Beads: Filters, EMI Suppression, Parasitic oscillation suppression/Tutorial

The video discusses and demonstrates how ferrites act as resistors at high frequencies, and how this is used for EMI/RFI Suppression, improved power supply filtering, parasitic oscillation suppression, and others.