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CEL (California Eastern Laboratories)

Image of CEL's THine® V-by-One®HS

THine® V-by-One®HS

V-by-One®HS from CEL is designed for users who need to transmit high-resolution, uncompressed video data.

Image of CEL's THine V-by-One

THine V-by-One

CEL’s THine LVDS products provide a 3.3 V low power CMOS design, support pixel data transmission, and achieve lower EMI.

Image of CEL's RFIC Switches

RFIC Switches

CEL switches are used for diverse applications such as WLAN, mobile communications, wireless security, wireless home automation, digital TV, and many other RF applications.

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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
CEL's portfolio of high power laser and Avalanche Photo Detectors (APD) for OTDR applications which are cost competitive and available in various form factors.
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Solid State Relays
The construction and operation of solid state relays along with precautions that must be considered when working and designing with SSRs.
15 minutes
Optocouplers and Isolation Overview
How an optocoupler works, the characteristics possessed, and the options available from CEL.
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About CEL (California Eastern Laboratories)

CEL is a stable provider of RF & Optoelectronic Components and RF Modules. As the exclusive Sales and Marketing partner in the Americas for Compound Semiconductor Devices from Renesas Electronics Corporation, formerly NEC Electronics Corporation, CEL offers RF Transistors, RF ICs, RF Switch ICs, Optocouplers, Solid State Relays, Fiberoptic devices (Lasers and Detectors) and Blue-Violet Laser Diodes.

Additionally, CEL designs and manufactures the MeshWorks™ and MeshConnect™ line of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee professional grade wireless solutions and is a member of the ZigBee and Thread Alliances. CEL is ideally positioned to provide its customers with hardware and software products tailored to meet their specific needs that greatly simplify design and reduce time to market.