Various fan guards and filter kits

Fan Accessory

Orion Fans

This tutorial will provide an introduction to the fan accessory product offering from Orion Fans and describe how to match an accessory to a specific fan. There will be a review of the different types of fan guards and their applications. Details of the filter kit, fan power cord offerings, and the Smart Switched power distribution units will also be featured.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusFan Accessory TypeAvailable Quantity
FAN FILTER 60MM 45PPIGRM60-45FAN FILTER 60MM 45PPIBulkActiveFilter Guard Assembly7609 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD METAL 40MMG40-2FAN GUARD METAL 40MMBulkActiveFinger Guard21006 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD METAL 60MMG60-4FAN GUARD METAL 60MMBulkActiveFinger Guard31439 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD METAL 80MMG80-18FAN GUARD METAL 80MMBulkActiveFinger Guard16746 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD 80MM WIRE MESH BLACKWMG80BFAN GUARD 80MM WIRE MESH BLACKBulkActiveFilter/Screen1563 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD 120MM WIRE MESH NATURLWMG120MFAN GUARD 120MM WIRE MESH NATURLBulkActiveFilter/Screen1061 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD METAL 172MMG172-10HFAN GUARD METAL 172MMBulkActiveFinger Guard1962 - ImmediateView Details
FAN FILTER 80MM 30PPIGRM80-30FAN FILTER 80MM 30PPIBulkActiveFilter Guard Assembly2039 - ImmediateView Details
FAN CORD 90DEG 24C90-24FAN CORD 90DEG 24"BulkActiveFemale Receptacle to Cable24 - ImmediateView Details
FAN GUARD 120MM WIRE MESH BLACKWMG120BFAN GUARD 120MM WIRE MESH BLACKBulkActiveFilter/Screen1698 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2011-09-14