Gas Discharge

Gas Discharge Tubes

Littelfuse Inc

This presentation will provide a brief overview of Littelfuse Gas Discharge Tubes operating principles, application uses, terminology, and benefits.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusVoltage - DC Spark Over (Nom)Available QuantityView Details
GDT 75V 5KA 2 POLE THROUGH HOLEGTCA28-750M-R05-2GDT 75V 5KA 2 POLE THROUGH HOLEActive75V4947 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 140V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCC23-141M-R01-2GDT 140V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive140V2688 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 150V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCC23-151M-R01-2GDT 150V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive150V65 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 200V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCC23-201M-R01-2GDT 200V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive200V469 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 230V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCC23-231M-R01-2GDT 230V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive230V1426 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 300V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCC23-301M-R01-2GDT 300V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive300V1523 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 400V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCC23-401M-R01-2GDT 400V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive400V3280 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 75V 1KA 2 POLE SURFACE MOUNTGTCC23-750M-R01-2GDT 75V 1KA 2 POLE SURFACE MOUNTActive75V14 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 90V 1KA 2 POLE SURFACE MOUNTGTCC23-900M-R01-2GDT 90V 1KA 2 POLE SURFACE MOUNTActive90V1699 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 230V 1KA 2 POLE SMDGTCS23-231M-R01-2GDT 230V 1KA 2 POLE SMDActive230V1666 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2013-06-20