Osprey Embedded Processing Unit

VersaLogic launches the Osprey, a low-power, high-performance, ultra-small embedded computer with quad-, dual-, and single-core processor options

Image of VersaLogic's Osprey Embedded Processing Unit VersaLogic introduces the Osprey, an extremely small, rugged, and embedded computer. This next generation of the VersaLogic embedded processing unit (EPU) format combines processor, memory, video, and system I/O into an extremely compact, full-function embedded computer. Driven by the low-power Intel® 22 nm Silvermont microarchitecture, the Osprey provides up to 1.9 GHz of performance with quad-, dual-, and single-core processor (CPU) options. The computer has a footprint just slightly larger than a credit card. It combines the 4th generation Intel® Atom™ "Bay Trail" processor, with system interfaces, in a form-factor designed to withstand extreme temperature, impact, and vibration.

Osprey's I/O connectivity includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with network boot capability, one USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 ports, I2C, eight digital I/O's, and two serial ports. A SATA 3 Gbits/s interface supports high-capacity rotating or solid-state drives. Full- and half-sized mini PCIe sockets, a microSD socket, and on-board eMMC (on some models) provide flexible solid-state drive (SSD) options. Systems can be enhanced by leveraging the mini PCIe sockets with plug-in Wi-Fi modems, GPS receivers, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, Firewire, and other mini PCIe cards/modules.

As with all VersaLogic products, the Osprey is designed to support OEM applications where high reliability and long-term availability are required. From application design-in support, to its 5+ year production life guarantee, the Osprey provides a durable embedded computer solution with an excellent cost of ownership.

  • A complete x86 embedded computer
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • Extremely small (55 mm x 95 mm x 27 mm)
  • Shock and vibration per MIL-STD-202G
  • 4th generation Intel® Atom™ processor ("Bay Trail")
    • E3845 (quad-core)
    • E3827 (dual-core)
    • E3815 (single-core)
  • OS compatibility
    • 10 Windows/8/7
    • Windows embedded standard 7
    • Linux
    • VxWorks
    • QNX
    • DOS
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • USB 2.0 ports
  • Serial I/O ports
  • I2C port
  • SATA
  • eMMC Flash (up to 8 GB)
  • MicroSD card socket
  • Wide input voltage range (8 V to 17 V)
  • VersaAPI software support
  • Fanless operation
  • Customization available in quantities as low as one-hundred pcs.
  • Up to 4 GB DDR3L soldered-on RAM
  • DisplayPort++ and LVDS video output
  • Full-size mini PCIe socket with mSATA support
  • Half-size mini PCIe socket

Single-Board Computers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCore ProcessorAvailable QuantityView Details
SBC ATOM BAY TRAIL SNGL 1.46GZVL-EPU-3311-EAPSBC ATOM BAY TRAIL SNGL 1.46GZActiveAtom E38157 - ImmediateView Details
SBC ATOM BAY TRAIL DUAL 1.75GZVL-EPU-3311-EBPSBC ATOM BAY TRAIL DUAL 1.75GZActiveAtom E382769 - ImmediateView Details
SBC ATOM BAY TRAIL QUAD 1.91GZVL-EPU-3311-EDPSBC ATOM BAY TRAIL QUAD 1.91GZActiveAtom E384537 - ImmediateView Details


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
Published: 2016-07-15