EEU-FP Series Capacitors

Panasonic’s EEU-FP series aluminum electrolytic capacitors with through-hole mount package

Image of Panasonic's EEU-FP Series CapacitorsPanasonic’s EEU-FP series aluminum electrolytic capacitors are capable of up to 2.5 times the ripple current and 60% larger capacitance than existing similar case size capacitors as well as long life in a through-hole mount package.  These capacitors are AEC-Q200 compliant for automotive applications and other strenuous environments which ensures optimal quality and reliability.

  • Up to 5,000-hour life at 105°C
  • Low ESR
  • High-ripple current (up to 4,000 mA) 
  • Large capacitance
  • Through-hole mount package
  • AEC-Q200 compliant 
  • RoHS and REACH compliant 
  • Long life 
  • High performance 
  • Reduced number of capacitors/PCB space needed
  • Automotive quality
  • Automotive
  • Industrial controls
  • Consumer electronics
  • Infotainment
  • ICT
  • DC/DC converters
  • Set-top boxes 
  • LED ballasts
  • Audio amplifiers
  • BLDC motor controllers
  • Battery chargers

EEU-FP Series Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 25V RADIALEEU-FP1E681BCAP ALUM 680UF 20% 25V RADIAL2133 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 25V RADIALEEU-FP1E102BCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 25V RADIAL808 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 25V RADIALEEU-FP1E152BCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 25V RADIAL2912 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 2000UF 20% 25V RADIALEEU-FP1E202BCAP ALUM 2000UF 20% 25V RADIAL996 - ImmediateView Details
CAP ALUM 510UF 20% 35V RADIALEEU-FP1V511BCAP ALUM 510UF 20% 35V RADIAL1362 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-11-29