F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtain

Omron's safety light curtain was developed to help overcome the challenges of globalization and flexible production

Image of Omron's F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtains The F3SG-SR series safety light curtain is Omron's latest and most advanced light curtain designed to help customers reduce their light curtain installation and configuration time, giving them the ultimate flexibility in their machine safety designs and maximizing their machine uptime with enhanced diagnostic features. The F3SG-SR light curtain contains area beam indicators (ABIs) with three colors to help in light curtain alignment as well as to identify if the light curtain face is becoming dirty and needs to be cleaned.

The use of Intelligent Tap helps users reduce light curtain programming and replacement programming times because the program is stored and automatically uploaded to the light curtain. With increments of 40 mm protective heights up to 1000 mm, and operating ranges up to 20 m for hand protection and above, customer devices can be safeguarded using the closest light curtain height to the protective height of the device. F3SG-SR light curtains have IO-Link communication capability (with Intelligent Tap) for real-time status into the light curtain process and service data. All of these features help contribute to Omron's most advanced light curtain solution to date.

  • Area beam indicator for at-a-glance beam status verification
  • Status indicators for monitoring information about equipment stoppages
  • Protective heights ranging from 160 mm to 2,480 mm
  • IP67G oil-proof rating and minimum operating temperature of -30°C
  • Cold storage warehouse (-30°C) freezer/refrigeration food storage
  • Metalworking processes (IP67G) presses and stamping machines
  • Harsh environments (dust/dirt) automotive/machine tool

F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtain

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDetection CapabilityProtective HeightNumber of BeamsAvailable QuantityView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, FINGER SAFEF3SG-4SRA0560-14GLC, ADVANCED, FINGER SAFE14mm560mm554 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA0600-25-FGLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm600mm305 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA0760-25-FGLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm760mm385 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA0920-25-FGLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm920mm464 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA1200-25GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm1200mm605 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA1600-25GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm1600mm803 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA0280-25-FGLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm280mm142 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, FINGER SAFEF3SG-4SRA0400-14GLC, ADVANCED, FINGER SAFE14mm400mm393 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFEF3SG-4SRA0440-25-FGLC, ADVANCED, HAND SAFE25mm440mm223 - ImmediateView Details
GLC, ADVANCED, FINGER SAFEF3SG-4SRA0720-14-FGLC, ADVANCED, FINGER SAFE14mm720mm715 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-11-15