USB Connectors

Molex USB connectors and cable assemblies provide a complete universal serial bus interconnect solution for I/O devices. Molex USB solutions provide connection for power and data exchange without the need for a host PC across a variety of industries and applications.

  Type A Type B Type AB Type C
Standard Standard Mini Micro Mini Micro
USB 3.1             WM12855-ND Image
USB 3.0 WM10411CT-ND Image            
USB 2.0 WM6294TR-ND Image WM17113-ND Image WM3895CT-ND Image WM1399TR-ND Image WM17122TR-ND Image WM17144TR-ND Image  
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Type Mini-B Type
Type C
USB 2.0 Cable Assemblies USB 3.0 Cable Assemblies USB 3.1 Cable Assemblies