Curiosity HPC Development Board

Microchip Technology offers its Curiosity high pin count (HPC) development board that supports its 28- and 40-pin, 8-bit PIC® MCUs

Image of Microchip Technology's Curiosity HPC Development BoardMicrochip Technology’s Curiosity is a cost-effective, fully integrated, 8-bit development platform targeted at first-time users, makers, and those seeking a feature-rich, rapid prototyping board. Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of Microchip's MPLAB X development environment, Curiosity includes an integrated programmer / debugger and requires no additional hardware to get started.

The Curiosity HPC is the perfect platform to harness the power of modern, 8-bit PIC microcontrollers. Its layout and external connections offer unparalleled access to the core independent peripherals (CIPs) available on many newer 8-bit PIC MCUs. These CIPs enable the user to integrate various system functions onto a single MCU, simplifying the design and keeping system power consumption and BOM cost low.

The Curiosity can make any IoT design real. Out of the box, the development board offers several options for user interface including physical switches and an on-board potentiometer. A full complement of accessory boards is available via the MikroElectronika Mikrobus™ interface footprints.

  • Supports 28- or 40-pin 8-bit PIC microcontrollers with low voltage programming capability
  • Integrated programmer / debugger with USB interface
  • Integrates seamlessly with MPLAB X IDE and code configurator
  • Various user interface options: an analog potentiometer and physical switches
  • Mikrobus support with over 100 MikroElectronika Click™ add-on boards available

Curiosity HPC Development Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusBoard TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
CURIOSITY HIGH PIN CNT PIC MICRODM164136CURIOSITY HIGH PIN CNT PIC MICROBulkActiveEvaluation Platform311 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-09-13