X/Y Film Safety Capacitors

KEMET's X/Y safety capacitors are used in a variety of applications to minimize electromagnetic interference

Image of KEMET X/Y Film Safety CapacitorsKEMET's X/Y capacitors are used in mains-connected applications to minimize the amount of conducted EMI common in many electrical devices. The self-healing characteristics of film and paper, as well as the high dv/dt capabilities, make them an excellent choice to reduce conducted emissions.

  • Voltage range: 275 VAC to 760 VAC
  • 470 pF to 10 µF
  • UL, cUL, ENEC, and CQC certified
  • R41T series Y2/X1 +125°C
  • Automotive AEC-Q200 and harsh environments
  • Line-to-line (X rated) differential mode (DM) current filtering
  • Line-to-ground (Y rated) common mode (CM) current filtering
  • Capacitive power supplies
  • Power line communication (PLC)

X/Y Film Safety Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityView Details
CAP FILM 0.33UF 20% 1.5KVDC RADPHE845VF6330MR06L2CAP FILM 0.33UF 20% 1.5KVDC RADActive0.33µF±20%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.1UF 20% 760VDC RADIALPHE840MA6100MA04R17CAP FILM 0.1UF 20% 760VDC RADIALActive0.1µF±20%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.047UF 20% 760VDC RADPHE840MB5470MB04R17CAP FILM 0.047UF 20% 760VDC RADActive0.047µF±20%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.22UF 20% 760VDC RADPHE840MD6220MD13R06L2CAP FILM 0.22UF 20% 760VDC RADActive0.22µF±20%0View Details
CAP FILM 1UF 20% 760VDC RADIALPHE840MD7100MD20R06L2CAP FILM 1UF 20% 760VDC RADIALActive1µF±20%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.68UF 20% 760VDC RADPHE840MY6680MD15R06L2CAP FILM 0.68UF 20% 760VDC RADActive0.68µF±20%19 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 4700PF 20% 1KVDC RADIALPME271Y447MR19T0CAP FILM 4700PF 20% 1KVDC RADIALActive4700pF±20%796 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 0.022UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KF222050N0KCAP FILM 0.022UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.022µF±10%1200 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 0.047UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KF247050N0KCAP FILM 0.047UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.047µF±10%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.022UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KI22205001KCAP FILM 0.022UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.022µF±10%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.15UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KI315050M2KCAP FILM 0.15UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.15µF±10%1436 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 0.22UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KI322050M2KCAP FILM 0.22UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.22µF±10%396 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 0.33UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KI333050N0KCAP FILM 0.33UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.33µF±10%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.22UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KN322050M1KCAP FILM 0.22UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.22µF±10%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.33UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KN333050N0KCAP FILM 0.33UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.33µF±10%1121 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 0.47UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KN347000N0KCAP FILM 0.47UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.47µF±10%0View Details
CAP FILM 0.68UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KN368050M2KCAP FILM 0.68UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.68µF±10%74 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 0.68UF 10% 560VDC RADR46KR368050M1KCAP FILM 0.68UF 10% 560VDC RADActive0.68µF±10%499 - ImmediateView Details
CAP FILM 2.2UF 10% 560VDC RADIALR46KR422050M2KCAP FILM 2.2UF 10% 560VDC RADIALActive2.2µF±10%0View Details
CAP FILM 3.3UF 10% 560VDC RADIALR46KR433050M2KCAP FILM 3.3UF 10% 560VDC RADIALActive3.3µF±10%1029 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-05-14