Infineon’s Solutions for Automatic Opening Systems

Every building and household utilizes openings at numerous positions in and around the building: sliding and swing doors, garage doors, sun blinds and automated gates. When automated, these doors are equipped with systems that are able to manage the opening action, avoid unintentional opening, control the speed and torque, detect the presence of objects along the path, and a number of other functions. Automatic opening systems incorporate smart sensors, motor controls, supplies, and battery management, which help to reduce energy losses in all conditions. This is where Infineon comes into place.

Home Automation Application Diagram

CoolMOS™ P6

Ease-of-use and superior efficiency for your SMPS solutions (PFC + LLC)

Infineon CoolMOS

CoolMOS™ is Infineon`s SuperJunction MOSFET technology bridging superior efficiency and ease-of-use in your power supply design.

What are the benefits?

CoolMOS™ P6 offers good commutation ruggedness in LLC topologies, excellent controllability of dV/dt through gate resistor, making it easy to use and having an excellent controllability of EMI.

Featured CoolMOS™ P6 products:

Product RDS(on)
IPB60R190P6 380 mΩ (max.)
IPB60R380P6 190 mΩ (max.)
IPP60R190P6 190 mΩ (max.)

CoolMOS™ P6 is offering superior efficiency while not compromising on ease-of-use.


A powerful combination!

Infineon’s semiconductors are designed to bring more efficiency, power density and cost effectiveness. The full range of OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ N-channel Power MOSFETs enable innovation and performance in applications such as switch mode power supplies (SMPS), motor control and drives, inverters, and computing.

What makes OptiMOS™ so special?

OptiMOS™ technology provides best-in-class performance and features ultra-low RDS(ON) as well as low charge for high switching applications.

What makes StrongIRFET™ so special?

StrongIRFET™ are designed for rugged industrial applications and ideal for designs with low switching frequency and those which require high current capability.

What are the benefits?

  • Expanded product portfolio 20 V–300 V
  • Able to address a broad range of requirements
  • Best-in-class technology → OptiMOS™
OptiMOS™ - Optimized for high frequency and low RDS(on) applications
150 V 200 V
T0-220 D2PAK T0-220
IPP200N15N3 G IPB072N15N3 G IPP110N20N3 G
IPP111N15N3 G IPB200N15N3 G  
IPP530N15N3 G IPB108N15N3 G  
  IPB530N15N3 G  
StrongIRFET™ - Optimized for low frequency and high rugged applications
60 V 75-80 V 100 V
T0-220 D2PAK T0-220 D2PAK T0-220
IRFB7545 IRFS7540 IRFB7730 IRFS7787 IRF100B202
IRFB7546 IRFS7534 IRFB7746 IRFS7762  
IRFB7540 IRFS7537   IRFS7734  
IRLB3036 IRLS3036   IRFS7730  
IRF1018E IRFS3006      
IRFB3306 IRFS3306      
IRFB3206 IRFS3806      
IRF1010EZ IRF1018ES      
IRFZ48V IRFS3206      
IRFZ44E IRFZ44ES      


Transfer-mounted intelligent power module enabling cost efficient designs.

CIPOS Diagram CIPOS Mini

CIPOS™ (Control Integrated Power System) integrates multiple power and control components (TRENCHSTOP™ IGBTs, SOI optimized Gate Driver) to achieve higher reliability, PCB optimization and to reduce system costs.

What else does a CIPOS™ employs?

Integrated protection and diagnostic functions are incorporated, such as overcurrent shutdown, temperature monitoring, integrated bootstrap functionality, cross conduction prevention, and many more.

What are the benefits?

  • Less time-to-market
  • Higher integration
  • Reduced system cost

Highlight of CIPOS™ products:

Product Voltage class Rated current
IKCM10L60GA 380 mΩ (max.) 10 A

CIPOS™ Reference Board for IGCMxxF60GA with 3-shunt

Order No:

EiceDRIVER™ 2EDL (Compact/ Enhanced)

Feature-rich Gate Driver`s for compactness and high efficiency

EiceDRIVER™ 2EDL Schematic

The EiceDRIVER™ 2EDL is a highly reliable Gate Driver IC with a maximum blocking voltage of 600 V. Functional/basic isolation are integrated with Infineon’s renowned Coreless Transformer Technology and offered in small-sized packages.

What are the benefits?

Supported by the level-shift SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) technology, efficiency and compactness requirements are met. With the SOI technology benchmark ruggedness against negative voltage spikes and noise is ensured; and with the integrated bootstrap function an external bootstrap diode (~0.045EUR) can be saved.

Highlight of EiceDRIVER™ products:

Product Topology Voltage Class
2EDL05I06BF Half-Bridge 600 V
2EDL05I06PF Half-Bridge 600 V
2EDL05I06PJ Half-Bridge 600 V
2EDL05N06PF Half-Bridge 600 V
2EDL05N06PJ Half-Bridge 600 V
2EDL23I06PJ Half-Bridge 600 V

Industrial 32-bit XMC Microcontroller

Market proven microcontrollers for real-time critical applications

The XMC Microcontrollers are based on ARM® Cortex®-M cores dedicated for real-time critical applications such as motor control, power conversion or communication.

Features XMC1000 Features XMC4000


  • ARM® Cortex™-M0, 32 MHz
  • 8 kB to 200 kB Flash
  • 16 kB RAM
  • Up to 40 pin packages


  • 64 MHz MATH co-processor for advanced control loops (CORDIC/DIVIDE)
  • Advanced PWM and timers
  • Rich serial communication including SPI, UART, and I2C
  • LED color control engine for automatic RGB mixing and flicker free dimming
  • Position interface for motor control applications

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: up to 105°C
  • Voltage: 1.8 to 5.5 V


  • ARM® Cortex™-M4, up to 120 MHz
  • DSP and Floating Point Unit (FPU)
  • Up to 1 MB Flash with ECC
  • Up to 160 kB RAM and 4 kB Cache
  • FPU and up to 12 ch DMA
  • Up to 144 pin packages


  • Advanced PWM, Timers and four 12-bit ADC with 3.5 Msps for efficient drives
  • High-resolution PWM and control logic for digital power applications
  • ΔΣ-Demodulator to s ave an ASIC
  • Real-time optimized and powerful peripherals working autonomously
  • Complete set of industrial standard connectivity peripherals including Ethernet, USB, SD/MMC, CAN, SPI, UART, I2C

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: up to 125°C

Highlight of Microcontroller products:

Product Package Versions
XMC4500 LFQFP100, LFQFP144, LFBGA144
XMC1301 38-TSSOP

XMC – 32-Bit Industrial Micocontroller Ecosystem supported by free Development Platform: DAVE™



Integrated power management IC offering more compact designs & BOM cost reduction

CoolSET Diagram

CoolSET™ are integrated power management ICs for highly efficient AC-DC power conversion. They combine feature-packed controller with the power of CoolMOS™ to give you the output power you desire.

What are the benefits?

Due to the high integration level of CoolSET™, it allows you to achieve higher efficiency, improved EMI performance and more compact designs while reducing BOM costs significantly.

Highlight of CoolSET™ products:

Series Name Highlight Products Voltage Class   Package
ICE2QRxx65G ICE2QR0665G 650V Quasi-Resonant DSO-12

20 W 5 V SMPS Evaluation Board with Quasi-Resonant CoolSET™ ICE2QR2280G-1

Order No:


28 W 16 V Evaluation Board with Quasi-Resonant CoolSET™ (ICE2QR0665G)

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