AVX Polymer Solid  Electrolytic Capacitors

AVX Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

AVX offers a broad range of conductive polymer solid electrolytic capacitors, targeting general and specific market requirements. Typical features like high capacitance in small and low profile, low ESR, stability of performance in time, benign failure mode under recommended use conditions, make them a good choice in applications like smartphones, tablets, PCs, telecommunication, SSD and also industrial, automotive, defense and aerospace.


TCJ Series Standard Polymer


TCM Series Multi Anode Polymer


TCR Series High-Rel Polymer


TCH Series Hermetically Sealed Space Level Polymer


TCN Series Small Case Size Polymer


F38 Series Miniature Polymer Capacitors


J-CAP™ Series High Joules/cc Polymer for SSD


TCQ Series Automotive AEC-200 Polymer


TCB Series Conductive Polymer

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