Smart Energy Harvesting and Low Power FCI Design

FCI System and New Application Requirement

Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) systems have evolved into a vast, interconnected power delivery network between the power generating station and different end user loads. These systems are best used to monitor the branches of a distribution grid as closely as possible, especially for the overhead power lines in urban and rural areas. Quickly locating and responding to any fault and bringing operation back to steady-state condition, within the least amount of time possible, is of the utmost importance in the field. Fault Circuit Indicators (FCIs) are growing devices for fault detection in these types of applications, due to their easy implementation, low cost solutions, and the lack of maintenance they require. Designing such devices is mostly composed of energy harvesting, power management, processor, AFE circuit, and communication interfaces. Smart energy harvesting/management and ultra-low power consumption became critical requirements in customers’ designs. As the worldwide, technical leader of mixed-signal processing products, Analog Devices is a major electronic system solution supplier.

System Block Diagram

FCI Solution System Block Diagram


Product Type Power Management Acquisition Power Management Collection Signal Condition
Model ADP5091 / LTC3330 LT3652 ADA4051 / AD850x
Product Type Processor Power Supervisor RF Transceiver
Model ADuCM302 ADM861 ADF702
Product Type Voltage Comparator Voltage Reference  
Model LTC1540 / ADCMP361 AD1582 / ADR525  


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