SM-PWM-01C Small Dust Sensor

Amphenol Advanced Sensors' SM-PWM-01C smart dust sensor differentiates between small particles like smoke and large house dust

Image of AAS' SM-PWM-01C Small Dust SensorAmphenol Advanced Sensors' SM-PWM-01C is a smart dust sensor that detects the dust particle concentration in the air by using an optical sensing method. An infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) and a photo-sensor are optically arranged in the device. The photo-sensor detects the reflected IR LED light by dust particles in air.

The SMART dust sensor can detect the small particles like cigarette smoke and it can distinguish small particles like smoke from large house dust by pulse pattern of signal output.

  • Compact size, light weight (about W 59 mm x H 46 mm x D 18 mm, 20g)
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) output (low pulse output)
  • Able to distinguish small particles of cigarette smoke from large particles of house dust
  • Lead-free and ROHS directive compliant
  • Constant forced air convection flow by heater resister in dust sensor
  • The low pulse width is proportional to particle size and concentration
  • Minimum particle size can be detected over 1μm (house dust size: average 20μm, yellow dust size: average 20μm, cigarette dust size: average 1μm)
  • Detection for dust in the air, indoor air quality monitoring
  • Outdoor dust monitoring with the IAQ monitor special mechanical design
  • Air cleaning, purifying, and conditioning
  • Smoke type fire alarm application by different sensor adjustments


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Published: 2015-07-24