AXS Series Precision Test and Burn-In Sockets

Abracon's sockets designed specifically for crystals, oscillators, and SAW device packages

Image of Abracon's AXSAbracon Corporation's AXS series of precision test and burn-in socket solutions features reliable spring loaded pins and easy-to-use clamshell architecture. These sockets are designed to enable accurate, reliable test and measurement and side-by-side comparison evaluation of the most widely used frequency control device package sizes from 2.0 mm x 1.2 mm up to 11.8 mm x 5.5 mm.

  • Accurate and reliable testing of frequency control devices
  • Contact force ideal for avoiding measurement error
  • One of the highest quality sockets available
  • Clamshell design for easy open and close
  • Reliable gold-plated spring loaded pins
  • Suitable for high temperature burn-in test

AXS Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeAvailable Quantity
SOCKET 2PAD 3.2X1.5 CRYSTALAXS-3215-02-01SOCKET 2PAD 3.2X1.5 CRYSTALSocket, Test and Burn In0View Details
SOCKET 2PAD 11.5X4.8 CRYSTALAXS-1147-02-02SOCKET 2PAD 11.5X4.8 CRYSTALSocket, Test and Burn In0View Details
SOCKET 4PAD 2.5X2.0 OSCILLATORAXS-2520-04-01SOCKET 4PAD 2.5X2.0 OSCILLATORSocket, Test and Burn In19 - ImmediateView Details
SOCKET 6PAD 3.0X3.0 SAW FILTERAXS-3030-06-03SOCKET 6PAD 3.0X3.0 SAW FILTERSocket, Test and Burn In0View Details
SOCKET 6PAD 7.5X5.0 OSCILLATORAXS-7550-06-03SOCKET 6PAD 7.5X5.0 OSCILLATORSocket, Test and Burn In0View Details
Published: 2012-08-08