Antenna Products

Abracon Corporation offers a diverse selection of antennas, ranging in frequency from 13.56 MHz to 3010 MHz

A globally preferred leading supplier of frequency control and magnetic components, Abracon LLC was founded in 1992. Abracon offers a broad selection of quartz timing crystals, crystal and MEMS oscillators, real time clocks, antennas, Bluetooth® modules, ceramic resonators, SAW filters and resonators, inductors, transformers, circuit protection components, and wireless RF communication components. Abracon offers a variety of antenna products such as patch, chip, NFC and RFID tags as well as providing technical support on the end application.

Series Description
Image of Abracon's APAE Series Antennas
APAE Series The APAE series of patch antennas provide a low-cost system level solution for GPS, RFID, SDARS, and GLONASS based architectures.
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Image of Abracon's APAM Series Antennas
APAM Series The APAM-Internal series of active patch antenna provides a low-cost, easy to use system level solution for GPS based architectures.
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Image of Abracon's AMCA Series Antenna
AMCA Series The AMCA series of chip antennas provide a low-cost, low-profile, high-performance option for wireless equipment, smart phone and WLAN manufacturers working in the 2275 MHz to 3110 MHz frequency range.
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Image of Abracon's ACA Series Antennas
ACA Series The ACA series of chip antennas come in various sizes and are often seen as small ceramic blocks with minimal metal artwork and SMD pads into which the signal is launched. The ACA series are constructed from solid high-dielectric ceramic material.
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Image of Abracon's ANFCA Series Antennas
ANFCA Series The ANFCA series is a range of NFC antennas designed to operate at 13.56 MHz. Its design is constructed from a flexible and very thin-layered structure to form a compact peel and stick NFC antenna.
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Published: 2015-03-25