DC1780A-B: 1V @ 75A, 4.5 ~ 16V in, Buck


Demonstration circuit 1780A-B features PolyPhase® design using the LTM®4620EV, the high efficiency, high density, dual 13A, switch mode step-down power module regulator. The input voltage is from 4.5V to 16V. The output voltage is jumper selectable from 1.0V to 2.5V. DC1780A-B can deliver nominal 75A output current with 3× LTM4620s in parallel.

As explained in the data sheet, output current derating is necessary for certain VIN, VOUT, and thermal conditions. The LTM4620 on DC1780A-B always operates in continuous conduction mode. The switching frequency can be programmed through a resistor or can be synchronized to an external clock signal. The board allows the user to program how its output voltage ramps up and down through the TRACK_CONTROL pin.

The output voltage is tightly regulated between VOUT + and VOUT – through remote output voltage sensing which improves output voltage regulation at heavy loads. These features and the availability of the LTM4620EV in a compact 15mm × 15mm × 4.41mm LGA package make it ideal for use in many high density point-of-load regulation applications.

The LTM4620 data sheet must be read in conjunction with this demo manual prior to working on or modifying the demo circuit DC1780A-B.


Category AC/DC and DC/DC Conversion
Sub-Category DC/DC SMPS - Single Output
Eval Board Part Number DC1780A-B-ND
Eval Board Supplier Analog Devices Inc.
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Topology Step Down
Outputs and Type 1 Non-Isolated
Voltage Out: Factory Set 1 V
Current Out 75 A
Voltage In 4.5 ~ 16 V
Efficiency @ Conditions >92%, 5V in, 2.5V @ 15 ~ 75 A
>90%, 5V in, 1.8V @ 15 ~ 75 A
>88%, 5V in, 1.5V @ 12 ~ 75 A
>86%, 5V in, 1.2V @ 10 ~ 75 A
>85%, 12V in, 2.5V @ 20 ~ 75 A
>84%, 12V in, 1.8V @ 20 ~ 75 A
>83%, 12V in, 1.5V @ 20 ~ 75 A
>82%, 5V in, 1.0V @ 9 ~ 75 A
>82 %, 12V in, 1.2V @ 20 ~ 75 A
>80%, 12V in, 1.0V @ 20 ~ 75 A
Voltage Out Range 0.5 ~ 2.5 V
Features Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed)
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Power Good Output
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Voltage Tracking
Switching Frequency 400 ~ 780 kHz
Standby Current [Typical] 50 µA
Quiescent Current [Typical] 5 mA
Component Count + Extras 36 + 91
Internal Switch Yes
Design Author Linear Technology
Application / Target Market Memory Back-up
Power: Industrial Power
Standby Current [Maximum] - Not Given
Quiescent Current [Maximum] 65 mA
Main I.C. Base Part LTM4620
Date Created By Author 2011-12
Date Added To Library 2016-03

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