MAXREFDES9#: 15V @ 300mA, 3.3 ~ 15V in, Boost


The Oceanside design (MAXREFDES9#) uses a step-up controller (MAX668), a 36V H-bridge transformer driver (MAX13256), and a pair of low dropout (LDO) linear regulators (MAX1659 x2) to create a ±15V (±12V) output isolated power supply from a wide range of input voltages.

This general purpose power solution can be used in many different types of isolated power applications, but is mainly targeted for industrial sensors, industrial automation, process control, and medical applications.

The Oceanside subsystem reference design operates from a 3.3V to 15V DC power source. The MAX668 high-efficiency step-up controller boosts the input voltage to 16V and connects to the input of the H-bridge transformer driver. The MAX13256 H-bridge transformer driver switches at 425 kHz and drives the primary side of the 1:1 turns ratio, with the use of TGMR-501V6LF transformers from Halo® Electronics. The full-wave bridge rectifiers convert the AC outputs of the Halo transformers’ secondary coils into DC outputs. The LDOs regulate the voltages to ±15V. The Zener diodes (D3 and D4) protect the LDOs by keeping their input voltages below 16.5V.


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Category AC/DC and DC/DC Conversion
Sub-Category DC/DC SMPS - Single Output
Eval Board Part Number MAXREFDES9#-ND
Eval Board Supplier Maxim Integrated
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Topology Step Up
Outputs and Type 1 Isolated
Voltage Out: Factory Set ±15 V
Current Out 300 mA
Voltage In 3.3 ~ 15 V
Efficiency @ Conditions >86%, 15V in, ±15V @ 90 mA
>83%, 12V in, ±15V @ 85 mA
>79%, 5V in, ±15V @ 70 mA
>78%, 3.3V in, ±15V @ 65 mA
Voltage Out Range 1.25 ~ 16 V
Features Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed)
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Thermal Protection
Switching Frequency 425 kHz
Standby Current [Typical] - Not Given
Quiescent Current [Typical] - Not Given
Component Count + Extras 39 + 9
Internal Switch No
Design Author Maxim Integrated Products
Application / Target Market Factory Automation
Power: Industrial Power
Smart Building Controls
Standby Current [Maximum] - Not Given
Quiescent Current [Maximum] - Not Given
Main I.C. Base Part MAX13256
Date Created By Author 2012-10
Date Added To Library 2014-01

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