- METZ CONNECT is a medium-sized, family-run German company founded in 1976. Around the world, their products guarantee secure and reliable connections for a smooth flow of information – from the printed circuit board to the infrastructure environment. METZ CONNECT is known for its expertise in all aspects of the manufacturing process including in-house molding, stamping and assembly operations. METZ CONNECT designs and manufactures connector assembly equipment in-house to assure the highest quality and reliability of finished products. The full product line covers a wide range across multiple applications and industries. Products include PCB mount terminal blocks and board-to-board connectors, RJ-45 plugs and receptacles, patch panels, copper and fiber optic cables, and intelligent DIN rail mount I/O devices. These products are used in security and access controls, HVAC, irrigation systems, industrial automation, lighting controls, A/V equipment, industrial controls, building automation applications, and more.

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METZ CONNECTのはんだ付け可能ばね接点のASMコネクタファミリは、PCBに直接「プッシュフィット」することができるようになり、それにより効率が向上します。 詳細はこちら


METZ CONNECTのC6A RJ45フィールドプラグプロは、構造化されたケーブル、AV機器、セキュリティ、産業用Ethernet終端に理想的なソリューションです。 詳細はこちら

M12 X and D-Code Jacks

METZ CONNECT’s Industrial Ethernet connectors for PCB mount are suitable for 10/100 Mbit Ethernet in 4-pole and 10 Gbit/s Ethernet in 8-pole. 詳細はこちら

SM99 and SR99 Series Terminal Blocks

METZ CONNECT’s SM99 and SR99 single pole spring type terminal blocks are targeted for use in industrial and building automation. 詳細はこちら

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Field Plug Pro 180° termination

Learn how to terminate METZ CONNECT’s Field Plug Pro without any special tools.

SM99 and SR99 Single Pole Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

The SM99 and SR99 are color-coded, single pole, spring clamp terminal blocks in SMT & THR designs with push-in technology and tool free connections.

One-Piece and Two-Piece Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

Our spring clamp terminal blocks with patented cage clamp design are shipped wire ready, offer the possibility for tool-less wire connections, and are even customizable with printing and color options!